Statosphere 1.0

Display your system stats on the dashboard


  • Customisable monitoring


  • Poor interface design
  • Makes it difficult to read stats

Not good

If you need a quick overview of your system's essential stats then Statosphere delivers them onto your dashboard.

Statosphere gives you a quick visual overview of your Mac's vital stats including CPU and RAM usage, network activity, Airport wireless strength, battery level and hard drive space. You can customize the type of information you want to show on each of the widget's three dials by dragging and dropping components onto it.

However, Statosphere is blighted by a terrible dial interface that's very poorly designed. Its not clear, the hints and tips don't make life any easier and generally, obtaining system info from it is more hassle than its worth. There are far better options such as iStat Pro that do a much better job of exactly the same thing.

Statosphere isn't one of the best monitoring widgets out there and you'll probably find using it is more hassle than its worth..



Statosphere 1.0

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